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Industry Panel Discussion

In order to link academic contributions with industry perspectives, an industry panel discussion is scheduled.

Industry Panel Discussion

“The Challenge of Cost Estimating in Production Engineering”

Moderator: Dr. Oliver Schwabe, Visiting Fellow, School of Aerospace, Transport and Manufacturing, Cranfield University / Rolls-Royce

Based on the concept of “cost readiness levels” (CRL), this panel discussion explores key success criteria for creating robust cost estimates. The panel consists of experts with an industrial background.

The research papers presented at the conference have formed the basis of the case study for the panel discussion, which has demonstrated how to estimate the cost readiness level of new technologies. All authors of the papers, all conference participants and their peers have contributed to this case study and discussion. The growing importance of design thinking and agile estimation approaches is used as a framework for the discussion.

The panel discussion offers insights to young researchers regarding how to create robust cost estimates for progressing their research contribution in the area of production/manufacturing science into industrial adoption. In essence this involves the creation, development, and promotion of a sustainable, cost-related, network of stakeholders across the boundaries of research and industry.


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