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Exkursion to Turbine Airfoil Coating and Repair GmbH (TACR)

Abb. Exkursionsteilnehmer im Sommer Semester 2012 im Rahmen der Lehrveranstaltung Montagetechnik
Abb. Exkursionsteilnehmer im Sommer Semester 2012 im Rahmen der Lehrveranstaltung Montagetechnik

In line with Prof. Seliger’s “Assembly Technology” course, visiting the facilities of a producing company was provided. On 07-02-2012, Students of the department of “Assembly Technology and Factory Planning” were able to do a detailed field trip under the direction of Soner Emec through the “Turbine Airfoil Coating and Repair GmbH’s” (TACR) plant.

TACR is a joint venture of Siemens and the Chromalloy Gas Turbine Corporation, San Antonio, Texas/USA. The company was founded in 1997. There is a strong relation with Siemens’ gas turbine production, which is partly also located in Berlin. TACR’s Berlin factory coats repairs and coats around 40.000 turbine blades. The last fiscal year’s revenue is 35 Mio €. In detail, for providing a high heat resistance, the turbine blades are coated with metallic and ceramic protection layers. On one hand, new turbine blades are processed and on the other hand used turbine blades are overhauled. The costs of overhauling a turbine blade are around 30% of the original price.

The need of highly precise processes and the usage of special materials causes in high requirements in turbine blade repair and overhaul. Beside that the large size and high weight of the turbine blades, causes additional requirements. By considering the assembly technologies, the excursions focus was the material handling operations and their equipment.

The educational goal of this excursion was to identify and evaluate material handling operations and further to develop specific improvement suggestions by using Prof. Seliger’s subject matter.

The excursion started with an introduction into the TACR company given by an employee. After that, the group was following the processes downstream from goods receipt and storage over the manufacturing processes and final quality checks to outgoing goods. A concluding discussion took place in which questions regarding the processes, equipment and organization (value creation factors) where answered.

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