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PISA - Flexible Assembly Systems through Workplace Sharing and Time Sharing Human-Machine Cooperation


The performance of existing automation techniques is often insufficient. As a solution to this problem, hybrid, i.e. human integrated, approaches are proposed. The idea is to combine human flexibility, intelligence and skills with the advantages of sophisticated technical systems. Such systems should help the human worker instead of replacing him. Intelligent assist systems (IAS) offer a rational, advanced method for the assembly of complex products on demand and at significantly reduced cost.


In order to reach the project goal, nine interrelated sub-projects (SP) are formed. In SP1 IAS (Workplace-Sharing) will be developed which share workplace with human workers. These may be industrial robot-like devices(active motion) or so-called collaborative robots (COBOT), passive, power-assist devices and which follow precisely programmed paths. In SP2 Timesharing Intelligent Assist Systems will be developed which enable work that is time shared between robots and humans, depending on the lot size, required accuracy, complexity of assembly operation etc. In order to apply these innovative human-machine systems efficiently, related planning tools will be developed. In SP3 Advanced Assembly Design Planning and Optimization Tools will be developed based on virtual/augmented reality solutions (virtual assembly). An important feature of these tools will be their application for training purposes. SP4 is dedicated to Reconfigurable and Reusable Assembly Equipment. Tools for the management of components, configuration, design, planning and control, as well as for simulation and testing will be developed. In SP5 Overall System Design and Integration, user requirements shall be defined, the results of SP1-4 will be tested and evaluated, and a demonstrator combining all results specified, implemented and evaluated. In SP6, SP7 and SP8 innovation related activities are dealt with: IPR & Exploitation, Training & Dissemination, and Occupational Safety & Standards. SP9 is related to Project Management. The IWF is research manager of SP4 and coordinator of SP8.


Following breakthroughs are expected:

  • Novel Intelligent Assist Systems (IAS)
  • Planning tools for their Integration
  • Reconfigurability and Reusability of Assembly Equipment


PISA is funded as Integrated Project by the European Union under the Sixth Framework Program.

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