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TU Berlin

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Dr.-Ing. Pinar Bilge

Field of Research


  • Shaping sustainable value creation networks
  • Establishment of engineering programs with an emphasis on sustainable manufacturing


Fraunhofer Innovation Cluster „Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) in Energy and Transportation“

VDI Working Group „Production systems”

Coordination of double master programs in industrial and mechanical engineering as well as production technology in cooperation with the Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (KAIST)


Bilge, P., Badurdeen, F., Seliger, G., Jawahir, I.S., 2014. Model-based approach for assessing value creation to enhance sustainability in manufacturing, in: Variety Management in Manufacturing. Proceedings of the 47th CIRP Conference on Manufacturing Systems, Ontario, Canada. April 28th-30th.

Bilge, P., 2013. Evaluation of the Value Chains' Improvement Towards Productivity and Sustainability, in: Proceedings of the 3rd International Congress on Sustainability Science & Engineering (ICOSSE), Cincinnati, OH, USA. August 11th-15th.

Emec, S., Stock, T., Bilge, P., Tufinkgi, P., Kaden, C., Seliger, G., 2013. .: Studie: Analyse von Potenzialen der Material- und Energieeffizienz in ausgewählten Branchen der Metall verarbeitenden Industrie. Verlag VDI Zentrum Ressourceneffizienz, Berlin.

Bilge, P., Badurdeen, F., Jawahir, I., Seliger, G., 2012. Development of Integrated Maintenance Approaches based on Sustainability Metrics, in: Seliger, G. (Ed.), Sustainable manufacturing. Shaping global value creation. Springer, Berlin, New York.

Abdul Rahman, A. A., Bilge, P., Seliger, G., 2011. Simulation Aided Development of Alternatives for Improved Maintenance Network, in: Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Digital Enterprise Technology, Athens, Greece. Sep 28th-30th.

Steingrímsson, J.G., Bilge, P., Heyer, S., Seliger, G., 2011. Business Strategies for Competition and Collaboration for Remanufacturing of Production Equipment, in: Seliger, G. (Ed.), Advances in Sustainable Manufacturing. Springer, Berlin, pp. 91–97.

Seliger, G., Reise, C., Bilge, P., 2011. Curriculum Design for Sustainable Engineering–Experiences from the International Master Program “Global Production Engineering”, in: Seliger, G. (Ed.), Advances in Sustainable Manufacturing. Springer, Berlin, pp. 3–10.

Severengiz, S., Bach, G., Bilge, P., Seliger, G., 2010. Roadmap for end-of-life strategies, in: Proceedings of the 17th CIRP International Conference on Life Cycle Engineering (LCE), Hefei, China. May 19th-21st.

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Auxiliary Functions

Dr.-Ing. Pinar Bilge
+49 (0)30/314-27091