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About CIRPe

“Envisaging the future manufacturing, design, technologies and systems in innovation era“

The International Academy for Production Engineering (CIRP, in French: College International pour la Recherche en Productique) is the world leading organization in production engineering research and is at the forefront of design, optimization, control and management of processes, machines and systems. The Academy has restricted membership based on demonstrated excellence in research and has some 600 academic and industrial members from 50 industrialized countries.

Young researchers, whose research contribution in the area of production/manufacturing science has been deemed significant, can be officially nominated as CIRP Research Affiliates.

The objective of the Research Affiliates program is to create, develop, and promote a sustainable, CIRP-related, network of outstanding young researchers in the field of production engineering.

The CIRP Global Web Conference – CIRPe is an initiative of the CIRP Research Affiliates and aims to involve scientists, researchers and engineers from all over the world to promote discussion on the latest achievements in Production Engineering.

The conference takes place online, with presentations and interactive technical discussions broadcast across the Internet. Paper presentations and interactive technical discussions are broadcasted online during dedicated timeslots taking into account the different world time zones.



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